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This is exactly the same conclusion found in other quality disciplines: One more way in which UX QA resembles other quality disciplines? It comes from scheduling quality activities in the project plan.

Okay, we want quality design. To get there, we have to address the many quality issues beyond the user interface that can undermine the total UX. System speed impacts all usability areas:. Other quality problems impact the UX as well.

Http://tokio-hotel.info/cincias-sociais/sir-charles-spencer-chaplin.php and crashes infuriate users and impede their task completion — sometimes to the extent Que demanding time-consuming workarounds. But these implementation errors also reduce learnability, because users often develop elaborate superstitions around the problem.

In early January, for example, the huge brokerage firm that holds my retirement account sent me a mailer advising that the beginning of a new tax year is a good time to add money to my account. I went to the site and attempted to transfer the appropriate amount from my bank account to my retirement account.

An error message saying that I was investing more money than allowed. In fact, all that time was wasted. I had typed the number right, and I had the correct amount allowed.

Que The system was wrong and erroneously applied the tax rules to retirement investments made in Instead, it left the poor user to blame himself and try again and again, only to get slapped down every time.

A week later, I tried again, and it worked. In this case, I kept the account, but if this had been a repeat problem — or if I had been a new customer — my money would have gone to a competitor. But UX would be much improved if we all acknowledged that QA is the foundation for user confidence and customer satisfaction.

Once everything works, then think about new features. I said in that it was time to make technology work. Although we probably suffer slightly fewer bugs today than a decade ago, poor quality is still far too prevalent.

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Interface como Comportamento Verbal.

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O que um UX Designer faz? Eis a capa na foto aí do lado. Continuo lendo "Pleasure with products: Experimentos para avaliar produtos: Processo em 5 fases. Um simulador sendo experimentado por instrutores de uma autoescola Minha atual consultoria em UX é a de avaliar simuladores de motoc Estou escrevendo dois artigos para o evento.

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    Defendo que aí costuma ocorrer umas confusões muito comuns.

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    Usability as QA By definition , usability involves measurable quality attributes such as ease of learning, efficiency of use, and user satisfaction.