Ciencias da Terra

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Observação da Terra

His research includes everything in the Solar System with a significant atmosphere. Tim has also led workshops for teachers around the nation on the lessons. Tim is also a professional storyteller, using his life in science as a source of new ideas and material for stories, and using his experience in storytelling to convey science and the understanding of the world gained from science. He is an occasional writer, Ciencias, photographer, and silent actor in astronomy-themed music videos, produced primarily by Kelly Fast at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Michael has worked in museums and zoos for more than 25 years, researching, writing, presenting and evaluating science programs for school groups, families and This web page general public.

How Things Fly teaches visitors about the Ciencias of flight. At the Public Terra visitors explore craters on the Moon, spots on the Sun, Terra, the phases of Venus, and other wonders of the universe using Terra inch telescope.

The Explainers Program gives high school and college students the chance to read more at the National Air and Space Museum.

Matt Bobrowsky is a nationally recognized science educator. He is the lead author of the Phenomenon-Based Learning books for teaching physical science.

Matt teaches various scientific subjects, carries out scientific research, and engages in Terra public speaking events. He has developed science curriculum materials Ciencias presented countless workshops to teachers and the public. His educational presentations address topics such as the process of science, misconceptions in science, effective science teaching, and science vs. His public presentations on astronomy are entertaining and educational. Matt also delivers other types of presentations, such as after-dinner talks for corporate events.

His specialty is the study of planetary nebulae — clouds of gas expanding outward from aging stars. One planetary nebula that he discovered using Hubble is the Stingray Nebula. She has devoted the last 14 years to inspiring students with STEM experiences, instilling a love of learning, and passing on her passion for space science. She was greatly honored to have been selected to participate and was also a proud recipient of the prestigious Right Stuff Award. At the Challenger Space Center, she has worked as a flight director and teacher liaison as well as annually led her students on educational simulated missions.

Amy has escorted many student groups to Hawaii on an Earth Science tour to allow them to experience the curriculum first hand. Aileen always seeks opportunities where she can develop herself as a teacher and as a learner. Columbus, Ohio, is home for me and my family. Alex Eilers Tennessee Alice A. She has worked in informal education for more than 15 years.

Carol Fraser Pennsylvania Carol is a fourth grade math and science teacher in the Highlands School District, grade level chairperson, and the teacher leader for the new Highlands Planetarium. She designed the curriculum for and will teach the first summer science camp to be held inrecently did planetarium shows at Penn State for the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Exploration Day, does monthly star parties, and helps Boy Scouts earn their astronomy badges.

She graduated from Slippery Rock University, as did her daughter Lindsay, son-in-law Brandon Himes, and where son Andrew is currently studying. Her family also includes youngest son Alex, who is a fantastic assistant with the planetarium, and husband Milt. She is finishing her 32nd year of teaching and still loving every minute of it. She believes that all students can learn and science must be hands-on.

She has done numerous presentations at state and national conferences. She especially enjoys sharing her love of science and math with the many pre-service teachers she teaches. Her educational mission is to get students and teachers excited about learning!

Lollie has authored numerous original activities for classroom use and develops on-going After-school, Family, and Community Science programs. She is a presenter on the local, state, and national levels, and serves on numerous educational outreach committees.

She is currently working with researcher Dr. Yagers work into a middle school curriculum on carbon sequestration. Lollie is married to Dr. Science initiatives led by Assunto MATEMATICAS DE TREINAMENTO tres. Gilbride include collaboration with Nobel Laureate Dr. Herbert Hauptman in the Terra of a math and science courtyard at Starpoint High School, Ciencias. The courtyard houses the Hauptman Terra Garden, an installation of a tetrahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, cube and octahedron sculptures.

For this work and her teaching, Mrs. Gilbride leads the Starpoint Astronomy club and has been the recipient of numerous innovative educational grants. Gene Gordon New York Terra am a veteran teacher of 23 years. I am currently teaching 4th and 5th grade science at Bethany Christian School. I also act as a technology advisor to the teachers. Terra have just been awarded the PBS Innovative Teacher Award for demonstrating the use of innovative teaching strategies in the classroom.

My philosophy of teaching begins with the principle that Terra students are able to learn if instruction has been presented in the proper manner. I am an advocate of differentiated learning and inquiry based instruction in the classroom, Terra.

I believe that both of these concepts allow teachers the flexibility to teach students effectively based on their learning style. In addition to her classroom assignment, fourth and fifth grade, she serves as a Beginning Teacher Specialist mentoring and training first and second year teachers. In her classroom and in workshops she presents, Annette integrates and weaves the Language Arts Standards into the hands-on science lessons.

Her goal is to inspire students and teachers alike to embrace the love of science through discovery, exploration and creativity. There is a new pilot middle school program that will be starting this winter season, and I have the honor of being the director of this endeavor.

I am also attending Plymouth State University, part time, to design a second masters in science and music. I consider myself a life time learner. I love space exploration and the universe. Everything and everyone has a connection with the various systems that function within our environment. We need to teach with that in mind.

Earth is a very special planet in a very precise orbit, so neat stuff can all happen. It is really fun to keep learning. After several years in the classroom, a few years at a hands-on science center and a couple of years as a stay-at-home dad, Chad currently travels the state of Nebraska presenting hands-on lessons on electrical safety, energy education and, of course, NASA MESSENGER programs.

She also holds a specialization in gifted education from West Virginia University and a Educational Leadership degree from Salem International University. Cynthia has 32 years of teaching experience in kindergarten through eighth grades in Ohio and West Virginia. Cynthia has presented across the United States at conference and workshops for service and pre-service teachers.

I taught high school math for 13 years and look forward to going back into the classroom in a few years. I love sharing the excitement of space with in-service teachers as well as aspiring teachers. I look forward to working with anyone interested in bringing space alive in their classroom! Sharing the program with teachers in South Texas as well as from across the state has been rewarding. The fact that NASA designates a percentage of its missions to fund teacher professional development has enabled me to be a part of something larger than I ever expected.

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